What’s that in the Wet Market?

Empress Market on Farrer Road

What’s the difference between Garoupa and Grouper… nothing! The Singapore wet markets have an array of fish from all over South East Asia, including New Zealand and Australia and if you are coming from the shores of Europe or the Americas it can be quite confusing trying to find your favorite fillet.


The big fish market is in Jurong and while it is open to the public, you need to get there at about 2am to get the fresh catch of the day. The solution; go to your local wet market. It’s cheaper and fresher than any of the grocery stores and once you have found your favorite fishmonger, he’ll be throwing in an extra shrimp for your next barbie!

Steamed Garoupa will serve 2 people

Fresh Ingredients


1 Garoupa- cleaned, filleted and deboned (no tail/no head, unless you want it)

½ Cup of Chinese parsley leaves (cilantro)

¼ Cup of chopped Scallions (some green bits)

1 Tablespoon of good Olive Oil (extra virgin)

2 Heaping Teaspoons of freshly grated Young Ginger

Juice of 2 Limes

Salt (good salt) and fresh ground Pepper to taste

Ready for the Oven


Preheat oven to 175 (C)

Place fish in individual parchment paper (large enough to fold at top and tuck under on the sides, about 20 inches) onto a flat baking sheet, preferably cast iron.

In a bowl combine olive oil, lime juice, scallions, ginger and salt. Pour mixture equally over each fillet. Then sprinkle Chinese parsley equally over each fillet. Pepper to taste.

Lift edges of parchment paper, leaving enough space to steam the fish, fold the two sides and then tuck both ends under the fish.

Put fish in oven and bake for about 15 minutes.

Serve fish in or out of parchment package

So easy, so good lah!

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