Useful Apps for Living in Singapore

Settling-in just got easier with these user-friendly apps. They are great tools to use for daily life in Singapore and they are right at the tip of your finger!


This app is very helpful when happy hour gets extended to dinner hour. It features all the restaurants with reviews, areas and contact information.  Bon Appetit!


We love Changi Airport but not enough to wait around for 2 hours because your flight is delayed. This jet set app has all the arrival and departure times, live updates and, if you do happen to find yourself wondering around duty free, a list of all the shops and restaurants.


Singapore’s weather is hard to predict. One minute you are headed to Sentosa for a day of sun and the next you are running for shelter. This app gives you a full list of the movies playing, theatres and show times plus you can book seats and tickets. So easy to use that you can do it under your umbrella!

Comfortdelgro Taxi Booking

We like this app for the simple reason you don’t have to hang around listening to the Comfort theme song. It will figure out your location (though double check it’s the right address), book your taxi and store your “favorite” locations. There are still some kinks but it’s a lot easier than dial up. Have a pleasant journey!

SG NextBus

We are big fans of the bus system in Singapore. It’s clean, efficient and gets you pretty close to where you are going. This time saving app will keep you posted on bus time departures. Just click on your bus number and it will let you know when the next one will be arriving at the nearest bus stop.


Everyone loves a freebee… The fun and money saving app puts all your “loyalty” cards in one place and with continual updates you are spoilt for choice. No more digging through the wallet with ice cream dripping down your hand. Just open the app, tap the store and scan.

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