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The Perks and Points of Singapore

Singapore is a shopping city, so whether you are looking for  the glitz and glamour of Orchard or the basement bargains in Chinatown, the city will never fail to satisfy that shopping itch…


“No.” I say.

“Would you like to apply?”

I look at my watch, “No thank, not today.”

Eventually you will relent and you’ll be glad you did. From department stores to supermarkets, everyone has point and discount incentive cards. Do you really need them? The answer is YES. It is amazing how much you save, and gain, from flashing one of them on your next purchase!

Here a few ideas to get you going

EZ Link: You can either buy the pay as you go (the benefit: reduced fares) or a “season pass” which is available to Singapore residents (the benefit: unlimited use on the MRT and LRT)

Passion Card: The list goes on! There are many benefits to this card for as little as S$12 per year. It can also double as an EZ Link, so one less piece of plastic to fill your wallet!

Kinokuniya Book Store: Books are expensive in Singapore, I mean really expensive. Your average paperback can set you back S$20 or more! It is well worth purchasing their “Privilege Card”. It offers a 10% discount on all books and you receive updates of storewide sales of 20% off.

Survival Chic: This membership card offers an insiders scoop on events and happenings in Singapore, as well as discounts at their participating F&B outlets. It is great for new comers and established expats alike!

Miscellaneous Credit Cards: Amex offers up to 50% discounts at main stay restaurants such Da Paolo (Rochester Park), Citibank offers discounts on petrol and DBS offers discounts and giveaways with minimum purchases. It is best to decide where you frequent the most to decide which one will most benefit you… or you could just get one of each!

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