The Skinny on Housing Property Options in Singapore

There are quite a few property options that await you when moving to Singapore. The important thing to remember is to keep an open mind and DON’T try to replace your previous home. Perhaps you could even make a big change and go for an apartment or try living in a landed Housing Singapore if you’re coming from a city. Lifestyle change can be fun and Singapore is a great place to do it!

Where you work, go to school, what conveniences you need, will you drive… oh the list of questions can go on forever, but they play a big part of what area you should choose to live in. For example, if you are in the great outdoors, we would suggest you hit the East Coast with its endless outdoor space and activities.

We’ve broken the list down for you to consider your options and of course you can call us if you are feeling overwhelmed or need more inside scoop… hint, hint.

The most common expat haunts are parts of the East Coast, Holland Village, Sixth Avenue and Orchard. But with the surge of Housing living costs, we are seeing quite a few expats moving off the grid (as it were) and they are being rewarded with some spacious properties.

The property types are endless but it really is your housing budget that will make the decision for you….

There’s the HBD route but these offer zero facilities and tend to come with few amenities, such as an oven. Then moving on to the APARTMENT, these dwellings tend to be larger as they are older Housing but again offer few facilities, maybe a pool if you’re lucky. Going up the property chain is the CONDO. This is usually a good option for most people as they offer an array of facilities like a pool, tennis court, gym, etc… some of them even come in the form of “CLUSTER” houses. These too are nice, but be prepared for some communal housing Singapore(i.e. low on privacy). Next up… the SEMI DETACHED or ROW houses, you will love these if you want to feel like you are living a little locally. The neighborhoods tend to have a good mix of Expats and Singaporeans. And at the top of the heap is the GCB (Good Class Bungalow). These offer gardens, pools, privacy, sometimes even a tennis court. They are either privately owned or if they are government owned, they are called a BLACK & WHITE (Colonial remnants from a bygone era).

Totally confused? No problem, our Lifestyle Specialists match the perfect estate agent to meet your needs, so give us a jingle!

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