A Singapore Daily Living Tip

If hasn’t happened to you already, it will. Beware because it will happen when you least expect it, so take care not to get caught with twelve people coming for dinner!

Out of Stock Items

You can look for months trying to find that daily staple you normally see in every Cold Storage from Changi to Jurong. Just recently, we found Dijon mustard virtually extinct on the Island Nation of Singapore. Eventually, one lone pot was spotted at the Swiss Butcher, a near fist fight broke out when 2 customers spied it on the back of a shelf covered in dust!

Living in Singapore has many more benefits than drawbacks, you just need to remember that everything is shipped. Oh there are a few vegetable patches and cows, but most everything is arriving by plane, train or boat.

So take a word of warning, if it’s not perishable and can withstand sitting in your hot kitchen cupboard for a few months, buy it, keep it and covet it. You may just need it some day…

Top 5 Things They Don’t Tell You to NOT Bring When You Are Moving To Singapore


A common question Butterfly receives from expats moving to Singapore is “What should I pack?”, but the real question is “What should I NOT pack?”. The weather is extreme living on the Equator. It’s hot and it’s humid! Of course Singapore has taken this into account when designing the Lion City (especially for unseasoned expats) with an abundance of well air conditioned shopping malls and marble flooring in our homes. However, there are just some things that can’t stand up to tropical living.

1) Look at the “Taboo List”, such as “Adult” Items and Wine

(It could hold your shipment up in Singapore Customs for months)

2) Old Photographs

(They will yellow and fade, get your memories on fade resistant quality prints)

3) Valuable Books

(The humidity and bugs warp them and eat them)

4) Wood Antiques

(The humidity will make it difficult to transfer back home, even if it’s kept in the most climate controlled home)

5) Art Work Behind Glass

(Mold will infiltrate in the most obscure things here, best to leave the Picassos at home)