“I hired Butterfly when I first arrived in Singapore and they completely saved me. At the time we were only here for a short stay and therefore the requirements I needed were all on a short term basis. They talked me through how Singapore worked and managed to fulfill all my needs, from travel agents and restaurants, to dry-cleaners and hairdressers, need I go on? We then returned to the UK only to find we were heading back 8 months later on a permanent basis this time I was 7 months pregnant. Butterfly helped my transition back into Singapore on a more permanent basis and showed me where to go and who to see with babies, from obstetricians to post natal massage. Butterfly provided an efficient service and all their recommendations were successful.

When you first move to a country and you are a total fish out of water with reams of questions flying through your mind, you need a permanent hotline to someone who "Knows." Butterfly is that person!”
Tori Lodder, UK
“As a working mum with 4 children Butterfly has been a real support in areas of housing and general 'know-how' on where to go for children's parties, shops or for that obscure item one needs. So over the years I have relied a great deal on Butterfly to save me time and effort, they just know what's going on in Singapore.”
Jane Mahony, Australia
“Butterfly helped my wife and I relocate to Singapore from Australia a number of years ago. Right from the moment we landed in Singapore they provided a caring and professional service, they made sure we found a place to live that best suited our lifestyle, budget and international schooling requirements for our children. Butterfly provided guidance on local services for day-to-day life but also helped establish a social network for our family, this meant we could settle in Singapore very quickly which really made a huge difference with young children. The services provided by Butterfly are nothing short of fantastic, I would highly recommend them to anyone!”
Paul Marriot, Vice President SAP Asia Pte Ltd